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Koiso Sushi Bar

My brother-in-law asked whether we ate sushi while we were in Hawaii.  Yes, we did.  We got a tip that there’s a very small place in Kihei where you basically can’t get in unless you have reservations.  (There just aren’t enough seats.)  Also, the chef is very “by the rules”.  That doesn’t tend to bother us.  So, we made reservations, showed up early, and ordered a lot — a sashimi sampler, an eel & avocado roll, and lots of sushi (fresh toro, salmon, scallop, hamachi, kono karpachi, raw shrimp).  It was all good.  The sashimi sampler did not have the ubiquitous egg and rubbery squid.  Instead it was just really fresh fish.  The shrimp was not cooked- it was raw and sweet.  At the very end of the meal, the chef gave us the cooked heads to the shrimp.  I am attaching a photo of the shrimp heads.   They were so good.  By the way, there was just a white board for the menu and a small sashimi and roll menu handwritten on pieces of paper next to the white board.  On the white board, there were Japanese characters in various places which left the impression that there were items that you’d have to know Japanese to eat.  When a couple came in and asked what was good, the chef motioned to the white board and told them that everything on the white board was good.  The 3 people sitting next to me were friends of the chef and did the thing that often happens when I’m around my parents and other Chinese people – there’s this interspersing of two languages (in this case, Japanese and English). Some of the English stories/conversations were pretty funny.  They were having a really good time.  I think they ate a few pieces, talked, drank, and ate/ordered more – just a few pieces at a time.  (Go here if you want to see just a few other pictures:  Maui )

Kioso Sushi Bar

Koiso Sushi Bar

Koiso Sushi Bar

Koiso Sushi Bar


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Maui notes

I just got my first draft of my Maui notes done. Click on this link: Maui . You can also go to the general travel page above to see just a few pictures from all over. I’m hoping to add more notes, especially about local restaurants.

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Nick’s Fishmarket, Maui

IMG_2572Nick’s Fishmarket is on the lower level, near the pools with a beautiful view of the ocean.  Sunset right now is at about 7 PM.  We had seating at 6:30.  This turned out to be about right because dinner is paced rather slowly.

IMG_2568When they brought out the bread basket, they brought out goldfish for Miranda.  The kid’s menu has some interesting choices – She chose the mahi mahi.  This was served dry with tartar sauce (not very good).  She preferred to dip her fish into my Pineapple ponzu sauce.  The sauce was fantastic and it was the accompaniment for “skin on” moi (absolutely delicious). (Moi is a fish that was eaten exclusively by chiefs.  It was considered to be rare and often raised in ponds.)

IMG_2585The moi was served over greens and soba noodles with pieces of pineapple and the ponzu sauce all around.

IMG_2600For dessert, we ordered their strawberries.  First they created plates with a mound of brown sugar, Devonshire cream, and chocolate with a chocolate design.

IMG_2603Then they lit a mixture of Grand Marnier and rum and passed it back and forth between glasses.  They poured this mixture over strawberries that were drizzled with chocolate.  The strawberries became slightly warm and soft and the combination of flavors was great.


Strawberry stays lit for a while

This tasted delicious with a scoop of ice cream.  It was a much better show than just buying chocolate dipped strawberries and reminded me of the table service crepes suzette of the old days (or maybe it’s coming back?).

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