Chocolate Consommé

When we had the opportunity to taste desserts created by Johnny Iuzzini in June, he made this great drink that he called Dr. Sterling’s Rx. (You can go here to read more.)  My first smell and taste was a hit of citrus.  Later he asked me whether I could taste the chocolate and I could really taste it.  I couldn’t see it but it was there.

Of course I had to run home and try it. I used his cheesecloth method of straining but still thought it was too cloudy.  I switched to a gold filter lined with coffee filters.  Then I let it drip, switching out the coffee filters every so often.  The result was amazing.
Results:  When you smell the consommé, you get an incredible hit of chocolate and a pure chocolate flavor.  We tried it with coconut rum – which tasted like German chocolate cake.  Then we tried it with raspberry liquor – which tasted like raspberry truffles.  The drink ideas are definitely endless.

What do friends think? I brought this into CSR and gave tastes to colleagues and students.  One woman said that it was the most unusual thing she’d tasted in a long time.  Another person said that it definitely did not taste the way it looked.
*I have an idea for an unusual dessert now and will experiment with this chocolate consommé….stay tuned.

*Disclaimer:  I am not advertising his book, although I do recommend it.  Please note that there are other recipes for chocolate consommé out there, including a traditional raft.  Using gelatin is actually incredibly easy and not as messy.


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