Shortbread ~ Almond Cream ~ Peaches

IMG_2810This dessert takes a long time to make.  Not because the components are difficult but because each one requires resting or drying time in addition to the creation time.

This is the first of the recipes where I swapped a lot of items in and out.  Actually, I used a peach rather than an apricot because it’s peach season in Colorado.  (I heard that many of the apricot trees did not yield this year – 2009 – due to the weather and peach trees were fine because they are at a higher altitude.)  I buy my peaches from Morton’s and they’ve been great year after year. This is a good year, though, because I’ve had peaches from other Colorado vendors that are also tasty.

•The sauce is a honey thyme flavor and is a similar color to the peach.  I made an additional raspberry sauce  in order to provide contrast.

•The salt shortbread is really nice.  The salt makes the shortbread less sweet and this is good because the honey sauce goes directly on top.

•Because the peaches are so perfect right now, I did not do the long cooking before filling with the almond cream and baking an additional 5 minutes.  Instead I just cleaned the peaches and filled them with the almond cream.  This is similar to frangipane but is more loose in texture.  I didn’t like it as much as frangipane though.

•The honey thyme sauce is delicious.  If I make this again, I may try infusing the thyme in the water before adding honey and boiling in order to get even more thyme flavor.  Then I’ll just strain the water and proceed with the recipe (using new thyme, adding honey, and bringing to a boil).  I’d also double the quantity.

•Candied thyme – This is a revelation.  If you like thyme, it’s a lot of fun and tastes great.  If you’re not fond of thyme, you might try another herb.  (I’ve happened to love throwing thyme into everything and so was extremely happy with the addition of thyme here.)

***Results:  Everyone loved the presentation and flavor combination.  The peaches were just fantastic.  The cookies were a big success, too.


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