Tart Cherry Soup ~ Frozen yogurt ~ Pecan tuiles


This recipe has 3 components:  the soup, the frozen yogurt and the sesame tuile.  Each one is interesting in its own right.

The soup:  This is basically a version of maceration.  I used two types of cherries:   Local cherries from the farmer’s market and cherries from my friend’s tree.  (Sadly, I could not get cherries from my own tree this year because it died.  We planted 2 new trees this year and are keeping our fingers crossed.)   Using 2 types of cherries allowed for variation in the red coloring in the soup.

The frozen yogurt:  I have made this recipe twice now and both times the frozen yogurt came out beautifully.  The invert sugar is not hard to make but very hard to measure out.  On my first try, I used vanilla extract in place of the lemon.  For the yogurt, I used Mountain High because they are based in Colorado and I always have some in my fridge.  On my second try, I used a Greek yogurt called Fage which is based in NY state.  (Fage is the first Greek yogurt that I really like.  It comes in a non-fat version where you can hardly tell that the fat is gone.)  Both yogurts were non-fat; however, since milk and cream are used, you don’t have to worry as much about ice crystals.  I love the variety of milk products used to achieve the right texture; however, this isn’t a pure frozen yogurt (for people who are lactose intolerant.)

The tuile:  This is supposed to be a sesame tuile.  However, certain little girls do not care for sesame seeds.  So, I made his almond tuile instead.  It was so good that I couldn’t keep people from eating them before assembling the dessert.  I highly recommend this almond tuile recipe (p.205 in his book).


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